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Technical Institute of Torbat Heydarieh was established in 1384 and promoted to university with a definitive agreement of the Higher Education Extension Council, Ministry of Science, Research and Technology. At the moment there are three departments in this university that are included; Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources; with  Faculties of Plant Production, Agricultural Economics, Rangeland and Watershed, and Production and Operation of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants, Department of Technical and Engineering; with Faculties of  Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Mechanic Engineering and Electrical Engineering, and Department of Humanities with Faculties of Archeology, and Political Sciences, and students can apply in 27 different trends in the levels of associate, undergraduate and graduate programs. This university for its educational and research activities has facilities such as library and Documentation Center, Informatics Center, 2 Amphitheater, sports facility, more than 100 hectares of agricultural land and equipped research greenhouse, workshops, and Specialized laboratories with modern equipment’s.

Based on development vision of  Torbat Heydarieh University, its working With the goal of becoming a comprehensive university, Entrepreneur, Influential in the city, Region, and Province and well-known in Iran, with emphasis on the production of  beneficial knowledge and training professional experts, promising, creative and adorned with Iranian-Islamic culture.

Among the research activities of the university can mention to scientific papers that are published in reputable journals at home and abroad, and national and international conferences, book publishing, and holding scientific conferences at national and international level. Other research activities of the university are included publishing scientific journals such as Journal of Agriculture and Saffron Technology, Journal of Rural Development Strategies. Including activities of the university to promote the culture of entrepreneurship are holding Entrepreneurship courses and various startups at the Technology Unit Incubator of the university, supporting knowledge-based companies and hold in training courses during study for students. Due to the strategic location of the city in terms of saffron production, the university has launched Saffron Institute as the only specialized research in Saffron in Iran, with aims of promoting knowledge in specialized areas of Saffron. On the other hand, Technology Unit Incubator of Torbat Heydarieh University was launched in 1393 at the Institute of saffron, with the aim of supporting local ideas with a focus on saffron, silk and other potential existing in the region.